Legal Activities


Publication Of The Facts On The Demonstration In Umm-Salmona

  [2012] Every week Palestinians and radical leftwing activists demonstrate against IDF soldiers. On Friday, 29 June, 2012, a demonstration was held ...
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Consensus’ Letter To The Attorney General Yehuda Weinstein To Investigate The Academics Petition

[2012] A group of intellectuals signed a petition calling on Israel Air Force pilots to refuse orders that might be issued ...
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Combatting Incitement Against IDF Soldiers

[January 2013] Consensus petitioned IDF Judge Advocate General Maj. Gen. Danny Efroni to respond to the campaign of incitement against IDF ...
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Israeli and foreign elements are waging a non-stop campaign to delegitimize the IDF, slander the soldiers and encourage refusal to serve. We are the mouthpiece of the soldiers and officers who cannot shout the truth.